Car Park and Bikes

Bike Store

Bicycle Storage area must observe the following:

(i)         bicycles are only allowed to be stored in the area designated by the Owners Corporation.

(ii)           no claim can be made on the Owners Corporation for any loss or damage of any item stored in such area.

Car Park

A Member must not, and must ensure that the Occupier of a Member’s Lot does not;

(a) drive or operate any motor vehicle on any internal road surface in excess of 10kph. 

(b) park or leave a vehicle on the Common Property so as to obstruct a driveway or entrance to a Lot or in any place other than in a parking area specified for such purpose by the Owners Corporation. 

(c) permit bicycling, roller blading, skate boarding, roller skating, or ball games in the car parking areas, driveways, or access pathways or any part of the Common Property. 

(d) use any car park space otherwise than for the purpose of parking any motor vehicle or motor cycle or boat or bicycle therein and then in such manner as may be fair and reasonable or permit any mechanical repairs, except of an emergency nature, be performed on any vehicle so parked. 

(e) park, either for short or long term time periods, any Occupier’s vehicle in any car park space, driveway, except in the space or spaces as delineated on title as belonging to each individual Lot. 

(f) interfere with the operation, function or control of the electronic vehicular gates. 

(g) obstruct any easement giving access to any Lots or to Common Property for any purpose other than the reasonable ingress to and egress from an Occupier’s respective Lot. 

(h) wash any vehicle in any area or car park space or any Common Property whatsoever. 

(i) allow any build up or discharge of oil or any other fluids from any parked vehicle and ensure that all vehicle parking surfaces are cleaned and any oil, grease and fluids of any kind are removed immediately upon notice of same or notification of build up by the Owners Corporation. 

(j) allow any visitor, invitee or guest to park in any area of the car park. 

(k) use any car park space without displaying a valid resident parking permit and following any regulations posted by the Owners Corporation from time to time.

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