Smoke and Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm
If the fire alarm is activated you will hear one of two sounds:
A loud continuous ‘beep beep beep’ is a warning tone to get ready to evacuate
If this is then join by a ‘whoop whoop whoop’ you must evacuate immediately
Do not take the lifts, use the stairs and make your way down to the ground floor
Move away from the building to the emergency evacuation area which can be found here

Setting off a fire alarm / sprinkler
Apartments are fitted with fire sprinklers and common areas are fitted with smoke alarms connected to the fire department.
If a fire sprinkler or smoke alarm in common areas are set off accidentally, the person responsible will be charged by the fire department. A false alarm call out fee can cost $2000-$4000.
This smoke can set off the fire alarm in the hallway triggering the fire department response and will result in a false alarm call out fee

Disabling a fire alarm / sprinkler
If you are completing renovations or other actions that produce a large amount of dust, it could set off a fire alarm / sprinkler. BEFORE attempting this you must contact MICM and arrange for the our fire system control to be isolated for your area. Again failure to this will result in a false alarm and a large out of pocket cost.

Internal smoke detector
Your apartment should be fitted with an internal smoke detector, this is not connected to the fire department and if it is set off by cooking smoke simply press the reset button. Smoke detectors should be checked every 6 months

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